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If You Have An Oven At Home, We Offer 'Final Baked Package Pizza' Option.
We pre-cook your pizza and bring it. You do the final cooking of 3/5 minutes by following the instructions on the incoming menu. Thus, the crispy pizza experience just out of the oven comes to your home.
For more information, watch the introductive video.

What's Argentinian pizza?
While Italian immigrant groups settled in Argentina from the second half of the 19th century, they also carried their own culinary culture with them. One of them was pizza. Genoa style thick crust pizza has reborned into an Argentinian style here. Pizza Poteño has become the most popular food of the people.

The Distinctive Features of Argentine Pizza
Olive Oil
Argentinian pizza is “pan pizza”. Compared to hand-tossed pizzas, the most noticeable difference is the thickness and the texture. The crust has to be crunchy, bready and golden due to the olive oil in the pan.
Plenty of Mozzarella
Since livestock and dairy products are very developed in Argentina, their charcuterie products are plentiful, cheap and high quality. The speciality of Argentinian pizza is that the dough is thick and it carries almost half kg of mozzarella cheese which means 3 times more than a classic thin crust pizza.
Gluten Reduced Flour
We produce the Argentinian pizza by the low-gluten flour formula we developed in our restaurants. Gluten increases the stickiness of the dough. For this reason, it is imperative to use flour with high gluten in products such as thin crust pizza, lahmacun, and baklava. The thick paste and porous texture of Argentine Pizza is the result of low gluten flour. When you taste it, you will find that although the dough is thick and filling, it is easy to digest and does not cause bloating.
Single Pizza, different flavors/different topping on each slice
You can modify each slice of your pizza orders. This way, you do not have to eat or share one kind of huge pizza with your friend. You can choose from our 15 kinds of pizza and order as many as you want, or you can order a huge pizza consisting of 8 different flavors and share with your friends. After the order is made, desired toppings are added to the pre-cooked pizza slices along with plenty of mozzarella and delicious tomato sauce, and your final cooked pizza is ready to be served fresh, hot and crispy.
Fulfilling & Satisfying
Argentine Pizza is 38 cm in diameter and consists of 8 slices. It is satisfying for 3 to 4 people. 2 slices of small Argentine Pizza is equivalent to 3 slices of medium thin crust pizza. Of course, we're not only talking about thicker dough here, We're talking about more mozzarella, more ingredients, and most importantly, tastier pizza.
Those who taste this authentic Argentine flavor inspired by Italian focaccia bread will say that fugazetta surpasses focaccia in tastewise. It is the caramelized onion flavor that makes fugazzeta indispensable, prepared with plenty of onions on mozzarella.
Faina dough prepared with chickpea flour is a perfect option for those who are on a gluten-free diet and those with celiac disease. You can order any pizza with faina dough. 
Chimuchirri Sos 
Our chef has presented the chimi sauce, which is the essential ingredient of the Argentine style "Asado" and the country's most traditional dish "choripan", alongside the Argentinian pizzas and it attracted a lot of attention. Chimi sauce contains the raw material of olive oil and garlic, and it is the most crucial part/step of/for our pizzas.
Healthy Kitchen
At Pizza Argentina, we don't only make delicious pizzas. We also have potatoes cooked with thyme in olive oil to accompany your pizzas. Furthermore, Argentinian special beef chorizo, beautifully rolled and sliced lamb product pancetta and smoked lamb shank crudo will cook for
you. In addition to canned drinks, we prepare daily buttermilk with basil, cold lemon tea, lemonade, tomato juice and iced buttermilk in our own kitchen. For dessert, we make magnolia with fresh seasonal fruits ourselves.
The history of the brand “Pizza Argentina”
The first Pizza Argentina shop was opened in Antalya in 2018 by Chef Çağman Kitiş.

Our chef met this different pizza in Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, where he went several times to learn tango. Later he went back to Argentina to study pizza and learned to cook pizza by taking the "Classic Argentine Bakery and Cooking" training.
My favorite part of Argentina pizza is the challenge. This is a country with plenty of animals and mozzarella is cheap, but it seemed unbelievable to me that people who are not able to find many tasty ingredients still achieve to make such delicious pizzas with only onion and spinach. I wanted to learn right away. As I got into it later, I saw how this pizza, which is unique to Argentina, has come a long way. In my opinion, Argentinian Pizza is as much a part of Argentine culture as Tango and Asado.
 Chef Çağman Kitiş
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